Available Adults 

Occasionally I have an available adult Beagle either retired from the show ring or a Beagle that I feel would be happier in a quieter home. These dogs hold an incredibly special spot in my heart and are the hardest for me to place. Because of this, I do require the homes to be local (Thunder Bay, Ontario) or close to local. 

Currently Available - 1 Year Old Female Beagle

Looking for her Forever Home- Love (pictured right) is an incredibly smart, loving, 1 year old female Beagle who never grew to have the confidence she needed to be comfortable in the show ring or busier environments. She is hands down the SMARTEST Beagle I have ever had in my care and has a ton of love to give - appropriate for her name!

She is comfortable in her home environment and loves her people. However, she is very shy and noise sensitive so a quiet home where she is either the only dog or only female dog would be best for her. 

Great with cats, basic obedience trained and eager to please, she is the perfect dog for someone seeking great companionship from an extremely loyal dog.

Because she is shy, I require any potential homes have a few visits to get to know her as she does take time to come out of her shell. However, I can say she is the most loving little furry shadow I have ever had in my home. 

I'm not looking for just any home - I'm looking for the perfect home as this little girl deserves it! If you think this is you and you're interested in a Beagle like Love, please contact me and let me know and we can discuss her further

More Photos of Love

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