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After much debating, I've made the decision to find a better fitting home for Cosette. A special home where she can thrive and be the silly little dog who makes for a wonderful companion one on one.

Cosette born August 2022, is a sweet, sensitive, polite 13.5" Beagle. She is a wonderful little dog n the house but her insecurity has made her a challenge in my pack. She has little tolerance for pushy in-your-face dogs - especially females. Managing her in a pack environment has been a challenge and in my heart I know she would be much happier in a different style home beyond what I can offer. 

Cosette is great on leash, completely crate trained, polite and travels perfectly. She tends to fall in love with her person and is neutral with others. She definitely needs her special person or two!


Requirements for her:

- An active couple/individual who wants a little dog to go on adventures with. She loves doing things and while I will consider homes with fenced yards and more of a stationary type living, Cozi would make a great companion for someone wants a fairly easy dog to live with while offering a fun life she can feel fulfilled by

- She's cuddly on her terms and will happily lay on the couch beside you but she's also fairly independent. A home who understands she may not be a "need-to-be-in-your-skin type of dog would be important.

- A multi-dog home is not for her. However, a home with another male dog (of any size) that isn't pushy would also be fitting for her as well. She does enjoy some canine company but it's on her terms. 

- She is very clever and would be a great dog for someone wanting to dabble in dog sports with. She loves using her nose and its important shes given outlets to be the hound she is to her core. She is not strong on quarry, but she loves to work for a treat!

- A home who doesn't expect her to be a Golden Retriever. She may not love every dog or person she meets but shes very devoted to HER person. Dog parks or owners who are social with their dogs is not a good fit for her. It's not fair to her to put her into scenarious where she feels her most insecure. 

- While she can be snippy with other dogs, she has ZERO bite history and I can't imagine a scenario where she would ever lash out at me/future owners. However, because she can be standoffish, a home with younger children wouldn't be a good fit for her.

- Someone who understands the spirit of a hound and prioritizes safe containment for their dogs. Beagles are not appropriate to be ran off-leash and Cosette is no unicorn in this regard. I will not place her in a home where that is not crystal clear. 

- She is to spayed prior to leaving my home. 

- She is not free. Cosette has had a lot of time, effort and expenses put into her. Through tons of early sessions as a pup with a trainer friend well into adult hood, to her CKC Championship and health testing - I have never spared a dime raising her to be the wonderful, quirky little lady she is. She will be priced the same as one of my puppies at $3000 which includes the cost of her spay and ownership transfer. 

Do you sound like a good fit for one another? 

If so, please reach out through email with a detailed email about yourself, your lifestyle, your experience in dogs and why in particular she speaks to you. The more information I have, the better I can make a decision.  I won't be limiting applications for her to just Canadians, Americans are welcome to apply with the understanding of extra costs to pick up her up. 

I am in absolute zero rush to place her as she will still need to be spayed prior to leaving which is why I'm starting this process now. Expect to have a detailed phone conversation with me about her if I feel you check a lot of initial boxes.

This little dog is very special to me. She is a hilarious, quirky girl who self entertains herself extremely well while having a calm, well rounded demeanour in an environment she's comfortable in. She's very unbeagley in the ways of garbage eating and counter surfing but she does love to chew shoes  - ask me how I know?!

Cosette Pedigree.jpg
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