Hunting Beagles - The Difference

Whether we want to admit or not, there is a breed split in Beagles. Although the true purpose of a Beagle is to be a scenthound to track small game, as the popularity of the dog fancy and dog companionship becomes more popular, there

Don't Let them fool you,
they are Brilliant.

Google "Hardest Breed of Dog to Train" and a Beagle will almost always be in the ​Top 10 list. Often deemed Untrainable, these stubborn hounds are not the easiest to train and will require some patient owners to work through their antics.

Thankfully to help us out with training, Beagles are incredibly food motivated dogs. Although unlikely to work for free, once an understanding of expected behaviour = treat - they catch on exceptionally fast.

Musical Hunters

It truly is a beautiful and fascinating sight to watch field beagles track the