Our Puppies

If you are interested in one of my Puppies, you can start by either filling out the Puppy Application or contacting me directly and letting me know a bit about yourself. 


With this information, I will be in contact shortly and we can open up a line of communication and further discuss what would be a good fit for you and your home. If you would prefer to speak over the phone, that is even better!  I do keep a waiting list of approved homes but do not require deposits ($300, non-refundable) until available puppy has been born.

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What is the cost of a Puppy?

A FoxFire Beagle puppy costs $1,500 and require a $300 non-refundable deposit once the puppy is born to confirm your spot in the litter. Prices are not negotiable in any way.

I do not ask for deposits to be on my wait-list but still require approval to be on said list. Once puppies are born, I reach out to those my wait-list in order. If you are not ready for a puppy at that time, you will save your spot of priority on my list for a future litter. 

My "pet" puppies are registered on a non-breeding agreement with the Canadian Kennel Club and MUST be spayed or neutered at an appropriate age. 

What is included with a Puppy?

  • Lifetime Breeder Support and Advice

  • CKC Registration

  • Dewormed, Vet Checked & First Set of Shots

  • CKC Microchipped (as outlined in my contract)

  • 2 Year Health Guarantee

  • Crate Trained starting at 7 weeks

  • A toy and blanket with Mom's scent

  • A Collar and Leash

  • Information Package on training, feeding
    and raising a Beagle Puppy

  • Socialized with people, sights, surfaces, sounds, objects and other animals using our Puppy Culture based training program and ENS

  • Every one of our puppies sold has a lifetime take back policy if you are no longer able to care for the dog at any point

Health Testing

I firmly believe in setting my puppies up with the best possible success in their futures. Because of this, I ensure to extensively health test my Beagles and carefully select Sire's for our litters who are also health tested and clear of genetic diseases that can affect Beagles. 

Our Beagles are tested/cleared in the following:

  • OFA Pass Hip Rating 

  • OFA Heart Normal

  • Full Embark DNA Panel & tested for 160 Genetic Diseases

  • All non-affected in MLS, PRA and Factor VII

  • OFA Eyes Normal

  • Full Thyroid Panel

  • Lafora Genetic Test (hereditary, myoclonic epilepsy)

I use the Puppy Culture Program and ENS (early Neurological Stimulation) when I am rearing and training my young beagle puppies beginning right at birth.

Not only does this program sets the puppies up with the best advantage to be well socialized family pets, it is also an excellent foundation for those looking for a Beagle to be competitive in the performance and/or conformation ring.



The Responsible Breeder vs. The Backyard Breeder

The hardest thing I had to learn when seeking a well-bred Purebred dog was patience. I cannot stress how important it is to give yourself time to find not only the right puppy, but the right breeder for you.

Sure, the Kijjij or Craigslist ad that says "$400 Purebred Beagle Puppies Available!" can be awfully tempting and an easy decision to make, but be aware that with an inexpensive dog can often come heart break and unpredictable expenses in many other forms. As a small hobby and preservation breeder, I do not make money on my litters. All the money from my litters goes directly back into my dogs whether it be stud fees, further health testing, entry/trial fees or just simple breeding costs. 

What a responsible breeder can guarantee is that they have done everything possible to provide you with the healthiest puppy they can which has been genetically health tested to ensure as such. Back yard breeders simply do not do this. Why? Because it costs money and unlike Responsible Breeders, they are out to make money on their puppies.

As far as Beagles go, new owners need to be aware of the difference of hunting line beagles vs well-bred performance/show line Beagles.


In my experience, hunting lines are much harder to live with, they are significantly louder and more destructive in the home. Backyard bred beagles that often appear on sites like kijiji or craigslist are typically listed at a lower cost because they are not registered with the Canadian Kennel Club nor are they health tested. If you truly love the breed from its temperament to it's look, I would highly recommend avoiding a cheap beagle puppy.

BYB Beagle Puppy

Above pictured is a  Backyard Bred Beagle Puppy. Although cheaper in price, it is not your typical tri-coloured hound type and will not grow up with a sweet, plushy expression as a beagle should have. It has not been health tested and has VERY poor structure which could lead to injuries when it matures in to an adult. 

Well-Bred Beagle Puppy

Above pictured is a Well-bred,purebred, health tested beagle puppy that is beautiful in type, expression, temperment and structure. This puppy was bred with purpose and care and although more expensive that the above puppy, the quality speaks for itself.

Resist the Greed; Don’t Support Backyard Breeders.

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