Planned Litter

Winter 2021- Clover x Cookie



  • 13"

  • CHIC # 14655014

  • OFA Eyes, OFA Heart - Clear

  • OFA Hips - Good

  • MLS Negative

  • FVII Carrier/Non-Affected

  • PRA Carrier/Non-Affected

  • Lafora Tested - Negative Genotype

  • Thyroid Panel - OFA Clear

  • 5x Group 1st Wins

  • 4 time Best Puppy In Show




Pedigree      OFA Clearances     Embark

  • 15" 

  • OFA Hips - Pending

  • Embark Clear

  • MLS N/N

  • FVII N/N

  • PRA N/N

  • Dominant Black Tricolour 

  • Producing lovely pigmented puppies with sound, excellent temperaments

Planned Breeding Pairing is now set to go as Cookie's embark came back clear! With this breeding, I wanted to go back to Clover's roots at Windkist and pull on some amazing dogs in her pedigree as well bring in GCH Windkist Walk in the Park "Parker" back in to her offsprings pedigree, who has been such an influential dog and is one of my favourite producers of all time.

Cookie is producing stunning pigmented puppies with soft, sweet expressions and we are very excited to use this young dog and are very grateful to Leah at Windkist for sharing her boy with us. This litter waitlist is full. Should you be interested in future litters, please reach out in advanced as much as possible as our waitlist fills up very quickly. 

Pictured above: Various puppies from two of Cookie's previous litters in 2019/2020. Photo Credits to Windkist Beagles

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Future Litters

Although it is too early to say for sure, FoxFire may possibly be breeding again in late 2020 and likely two litters in 2021 from both Clover and Jenny (pending Health Clearances).

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