Upcoming Litter

Due October 2022




  • 15"

  • CHIC #170190

  • Lafora Epilepsy - Cleared by Parentage

  • Factor VII Carrier/ Non-Affected

  • MLS Negative/Non-Affected

  • NCCD Negative/Non-Affected

  • Carrier for Red

  • Heart - OFA Normal

  • Thyroid - OFA Normal

  • Eyes - OFA Normal




Pedigree        Embark

  • 15" 

  • Factor VII Carrier/Non-Affected

  • MLS Negative/Non-Affected

  • NCCD Negative / Non-Affected

  • Heart - Clear

  • Hips & Eyes to come

Please note there are no availability for litters announced here as our Waitlists have been closed since 2020 and we are currently working with those who have contacted us prior to then. Thank you for understanding. Should you have interest in puppy years down the road, I will happily accept emails from those who's timelines are flexible. 

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Research the Breed

Make sure you're prepared for the pros and cons of owning a Beagle.
Our FAQ and Are They For You page are a great start in your research


Future Interested Puppy Owners

For those looking to  add a FoxFire Beagle to their home and are looking for the steps to begin the journey to add one of our puppies, please find the process below:

Get on the Waitlist

After researching, fill out a Puppy Application or contact me telling me about yourself and what you're looking for. Approved homes will be Waitlisted 


Stay in Touch!

Do not expect a puppy right away
as these things take time but I encourage those on my waitlist to keep in touch through email, text or FB


Future Litters

Although it is too early to say for sure, FoxFire may possibly be breeding again in late 2020 and likely two litters in 2021 from both Clover and Jenny (pending Health Clearances).

It's Never Too Early To Reach Out!
As my waitlist fills up quick, it is never too early to contact me  in regards to future opportunities of purchasing a puppy. The more I get to know my future homes, the more I feel both comfortable and excited about placing puppies. Even if you don't expect to be able to add a Beagle for another two years or so, I cannot stress how important it is to reach out as soon as you can as most reputable breeders puppies are spoken for before they are even born and waiting last minute can be proven to be a challenge.

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