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Proudly Bred for Excellence,
Health & Temperament.


Superior Health

Sound Structure

Bright Minds

Beautifully and structurally sound hounds bred from a rich lineage of championed parentage who are true to the Beagle breed standard

Genetically health tested breeding stock with complete OFA CHIC testing before they are bred to ensure healthy puppies

Well socialised puppies with sound minds, excellent temperaments and trainable dispositions raised using Puppy Culture protocols

So, you want to see what living with Beagles is truly like?

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Based out of Thunder Bay, in Northern Ontario, my goal is to preserve the breed, while improving the most desirable traits of the family dog, such as temperament, trainability, and intelligence while ensuring they are an integral part of their family’s life.

The FoxFire Beagles are loving, household pets with careers, which include conformation, obedience, rally and scent detection. They are not kennel dogs and when we are not training, they can be found on the couch happily beside me. 


I am a small show/performance breeder only offering a litter 1-2 times
per year.  My breeding program is about quality and not quantity.  All of my puppies are raised under foot in my home with the help of four cats, a Newfoundland and a whole lot of love. Socialization and quality care are of great importance. I breed for excellent home companions as well as versatile performance & show dogs.  

Healthy, Sound Companions

With careful attention paid to the heritage of my puppies, I ensure that the finest health and temperament qualities are bred into our lines with heavy emphasis placed on early puppy development using Puppy Culture and Avidog protocols, socialization, along with proper health testing/clearances required for the breed. Whether its show, performance or simply a loving pet - we strive our best to breed the best Beagles we can and we are delighted to offer such wonderful examples of the breed to approved homes.

"Thank you for taking the time to visit. Whether you are looking to add a Beagle puppy to your home or simply have questions about my breeding program or the breed itself, feel free to contact me or simply fill out a puppy application. I'm always happy to talk Beagles and help where I can!"

Samantha Lengyel,

Latest News

Puppies are Here!

I'm very proud to announce that we welcomed 5 (3 boys, 2 girls) little new hounds April 27th between our dam Clover and sire Catcher. To follow daily updates of photos and videos of this litter, please follow FoxFire Beagles on Facebook and watch this special litter grow along with us.


All Puppies are Spoken For 

March, 2020

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