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Planned Breedings

Chase x ILY - September 2023



CH Flying Ears Thrill of the Hunt at Redlaur BCAT CGC TKN

Breeder: Sue Aldene

Owner: Laurie Gott & Sue Aldene

D.O.B:         May 18, 2016

DNA:          FVII Carrier, NCDD/MLS  N/N

Hips:          OFA Good

Eyes:          Normal

Thyroid:    Normal

Heart:        Normal

Colour:      Tri/Bi Carrier

Why I chose Chase:

I discovered this fella this past year Beagle Specialty in Amana, Iowa where Chase was shown as a veteran. From seeing him across the room I could tell this boy had wonderful virtues structurally. From his beautiful shoulders to his lovely length of rib with appropriate matched loin along with his moderate, classic head and soulful eyes, when I left the show I couldn't get him out of my mind and knew I had to incorporate him.

While down for the breeding I was able to get to know Chase more and was even more pleased with my choice. Chase is biddable, polite, sweet and attached to his owned Laurie. He is likely one of the most unlike Beagle Beagles I have ever met! Laurie share with us just how enjoyable of a dog he is to have around and I felt his temperament combined with ILY who is very similar - they would make for wonderful, sound temperaments. 

Although Chase has not been proven and had a litter yet, I felt he had beautiful qualities I wanted to incorporate into my program along with a pedigree that beautifully complimented what I've been working towards these past few years. Chase's Dam Spark is littermates to my Eloise's Sire Rory. When I added Rory into my program I took a giant leap towards the movement I hoped to aquire and hope Chase can contribute to this same goal as well. 


CH FoxFire's Three Small Words 

Breeder/Owner: Samantha Lengyel

D.O.B:        April 27, 2020

DNA:          FVII Carrier, NCDD/MLS/Lafora  N/N

Hips:          Mild (View her Hips)

Eyes:          Normal

Thyroid:    Normal

Heart:        Normal

Colour:      Tri/Bi Carrier

My Goals for this Pairing:

ILY is dear to my heart and an absolute gem to live with. With my previous litter with her I put her to a male with an extremely outgoing/busy temperament (because ILY is so mild mannered) and found that the Sire's temperament came through in spades with that pairing. Therefore, it was important for her next breeding that I selected a male who had a temperament himself that I felt was close to my ideal for not only myself and potential keepers but my homes as well.


While I'm always on the hunt for Sire's who can produce showmanship, its also important to me that they are good dogs to live with. With Chase's easy going nature combined with ILY's, I have faith should this breeding be successful that it will produce wonderful sound companions.

As far as the health aspect, ILY's hips came back Mild but I feel she has too much to offer my program in temperament, conformation and health for me to remove her from my program. Instead, I've opted to breed her carefully. She's never been symptomatic on her hip but I felt it was important to pair her with another male who has good hips. In a breed where hips aren't regularly done, I was thrilled to see Chase's were and at his age still he is as fit as a fiddle. 


Future Litters

Although it is too early to say for sure, FoxFire may possibly be breeding again in late 2020 and likely two litters in 2021 from both Clover and Jenny (pending Health Clearances).

It's Never Too Early To Reach Out!
As my waitlist fills up quick, it is never too early to contact me  in regards to future opportunities of purchasing a puppy. The more I get to know my future homes, the more I feel both comfortable and excited about placing puppies. Even if you don't expect to be able to add a Beagle for another two years or so, I cannot stress how important it is to reach out as soon as you can as most reputable breeders puppies are spoken for before they are even born and waiting last minute can be proven to be a challenge.

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Make sure you're prepared for the pros and cons of owning a Beagle.
Our FAQ and Are They For You page are a great start in your research


Future Interested Puppy Owners

For those looking to  add a FoxFire Beagle to their home and are looking for the steps to begin the journey to add one of our puppies, please find the process below:

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After researching, fill out a Puppy Application or contact me telling me about yourself and what you're looking for. Approved homes will be Waitlisted 


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