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Rescuing a Beagle

Busy puppies aren't for everyone and there are many adult to senior Beagles that often find themselves needing homes. For those looking for an older Beagle or simply looking to give a home to one in need, there are great Rescue organizations in Canada specifically for Beagles. If you're interested in adopting from a Beagle Rescue or simply looking to foster, reach out and get in touch. 

While I do not have the time myself away from my own hounds to take in many fosters (although I have had a few come through my home) I have such huge respect for those who do take the rescue route.

Rescue Beagle Photo Credits to Beagle Paws Rescue
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Beagle Paws Rescue is Canada’s largest beagle rescue organization and has been working since 2003 to bring the Beagle breed indoors. Meet your new best friend at Beagle Paws Rescue.


Big on Beagles (B.O.B) is a Toronto and Durham Region-based assistance agency for beagles experiencing troubled times. Our focus is the rescue of senior beagles, sick, injured, and those suffering from emotional trauma. We're here for the under-beagle.

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