Clover is a lovely 13" bitch who came to us from Windkist Beagles in Utah. She is a sweet, gentle loving girl (the ultimate family dog) who has not only excelled in the show ring but in scent detection as well. She is beauty & brains and a top notch Netflix Snuggler



  • 4 Best Puppy in Shows

  • 5 Group 1's

  • Titled in Scent Detection

  • And many Group 3 & 4's

  • Grand Champion at a year old

  • Completely Health Tested & Cleared



Sometimes there is a dog that is touched by something a little extra special. Fox is just that and he is how the kennel name FoxFire came about.

He also comes from Windkist in Utah and shares a father with Clover. He is FoxFire's sport/performance dog and he is actively competed in a variety of sports such as obedience, scent detection, barn hunt and much more.

  • 2 Special Scent Detection Titles

  • Barn Hunt - Rat Open Title

  • Rally Novice with avg score of 99

  • Best in Sweeps

Catcher who is co-owned by myself and his breeder Suzanne Telford of Telford Beagles is a promising young dog who has joined FoxFire and will be playing in the show ring during the 2020 show season.

Catch is a lovely young boy who has an outstanding temperament as well as the good looks. I am eternally grateful to the Telfords for sharing him with me and catch wait to see what his future holds

CH Telford's Calling the Shots



Telford's Take a Look at Me Now

Co-owned with TraJam and bred by the Telfords, Jenny is a beautifully structured, stunning, young potential 15" bitch with a lovely disposition. She will officially start her show career in Spring of 2020.

We are excited to have her stay with us and look forward to her bright future ahead in and out of the ring. 

The Housemates

We can't take full credit of raising Beagle puppies on our own. The FoxFire household has a great crew of patient, sweet and kind animals to help us socialize our puppies. From the big, to the drooly, to furry and little, we have it all

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