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Applications are now open!

For the first time in a long while I am opening up my applications for homes seeking a Beagle in the next 6 months to year and half mark. If you're hoping for a puppy in 2+ years time, don't worry! I will be re-opening applications again in the future. 

Please expect at minimum a 40-60 minute phone conversation to occur along with confirmation from myself that we are good to go to move forward on your new companion before anything is official. Simply filling out an application does not grant you a spot on my wait list. 

I DO NOT sell my puppies on a first come first serve basis. I place them according to how I feel about a home, if they're ready and communicative and my comfort level with them on an individual basis. Certain pairings will be more appropriate for specific types of homes. 


Please click the link below for the application:

Show Prospects Inquiries

For those who are seeking a conformation prospect, please reach out to me directly. An Application for this type of puppy is handled much differently and I will need to discuss pairings and the pedigrees in more detail with homes who are looking for show prospects.  


Looking for a Breeder?

While my applications are closed, it is important to still look at purchasing from a reputable breeder or rescue. To locate a CKC Registered Breeder, please check out CKC Beagle Breeders listing. If you are looking for a rescue, contact Beagle Paws Rescue.

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