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Applications are now Closed

Unfortunately due to the high volume of applications I have received this past year, I have decided to close my applications portion for my waitlist until January 2024.

If you are looking to connect with me for an opportunity in the distant future, feel free to reach out and tell me about you and your situation. As always, I welcome any questions about my breeding program but I will no longer be accepting any more names on my waitlist.

For those who have submitted an application:

I am asking these homes to reach out periodically to update me on things on their end and just to touch base to show their level of interest. If I haven't heard from a home in months, I will assume that you have moved on. Ultimately, the homes that will get bumped up the list are ones that have taken the time to interact and ones who I have gotten the chance to know over time. I'm always happy to arrange a phone chat to touch base at any time.

I DO NOT sell my puppies on a first come first serve basis. I place them according to how I feel about a home, if they're ready and communicative and if they put the time in to reach out.


Looking for a Breeder?

While my applications are closed, it is important to still look at purchasing from a reputable breeder or rescue. To locate a CKC Registered Breeder, please check out CKC Beagle Breeders listing. If you are looking for a rescue, contact Beagle Paws Rescue.

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