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Puppy FAQ

In this FAQ, you will find Q&A's specifically related to my puppies and/or breeding program . If you are looking for more breed specific questions on Beagles in general, please visit my Breed Info FAQ

  • Do Beagles shed?
    Beagles, like most dogs, have seasonal coats. You should always expect your Beagle to shed more during the springtime, even if you live in a decently warm climate. Remember, Beagles were bred for hunting hare and rabbit in the English countryside. Anyone who knows England knows rain! So, Beagles have learned to deal with this with a two-layered coat, also called a double coat.Their undercoat is soft and dense to keep them warm while the outer coat is much more coarse with longer, tightly packed hair that works to be somewhat waterproof. So, even though Beagles do not look like such obvious shedders, such as Golden Retrievers, your eyes might deceive you a little bit. You definitely will want to keep a lint roller handy. They are much lighter shedders than some breeds out there such as labs.
  • Do Beagles bark a lot?
    The reality is that Beagles are not any noisier than other breeds.The tend to bark when they are aware of movement from an unknown source in their territory and want to alert their owners.This could be a stranger approaching the front door, the noise of a cat in the garden or even the telephone ringing. As a result, these dogs do make great watch dogs and remain vigilant to any unwanted visitors, whether it be of the human or animal variety.Beagles will also bark when they are excited, which could be triggered by their handler returning home after a long day at work. However, when properly trained and socialized, Beagles can be taught to be quiet, calm members of our household. The training involved with this does require a lot of consistency but is fully doable. Hunting/Field line Beagles will typically be much more vocal than showline/performance Beagles.
  • Are Beagles good with Children?
    Beagles are incredibly curious and sweet dogs. Being the merry little hounds that they are, it makes them great additions to households with children as they are so playful, energetic and small enough to be sturdy yet non-threatening to children. They thrive off of being a central part of their families lives and are very interactive with their families. Usually, a house full of people and constant play companions is exactly what Beagles need. This dog breed is curious, loving, and friendly. They are happy-go-lucky dogs and are very loyal. However, they should still be monitored around children especially as puppy to ensure they are safely handled.
  • Do Beagles smell?
    The Beagle breed has its own distinct odor and in general, this type of smell is often found with canines in the hound family. In addition to this, many elements combine to affect the odor that will emit from any dog; with health, hygiene, environment and diet having the most impact. However, with my own dogs and the many I have come across I have no found their smell to be noticeable or offensive to the nose. When bathed monthly, it pretty much completely elimnates any smell they may have.
  • What is the average life span of a Beagle?
    A healthy Beagle lifespan is anywhere from 11 to 15 years, which is consistent with other breeds of similar size, but of course, this varies considerably. But some Beagles have even lived up to 18 years. If kept a healthy weight and a proper diet, the odds of having a Beagle live well into the teens is very probable.
  • Are Beagles good with other dogs?
    The breed was meant to work together in packs, and consequently, Beagles get along very well with other dogs and prefer companionship. Beagles will look to their owners and families as their new “pack.” For this reason, among others, they make terrific family dogs as they love to be surrounded by energy, love, and attention. They are definitely an excellent choice for a multi-dog household.
  • Are Beagles difficult to housetrain?
    They are more difficult to train compared to some other breeds. Being a scenthound, owners need to be sure they are using proper cleaning solutions to clean up messes as a previous accident is very easy for a Beagle to scent. However with diligence and consistency, they can be house trained but do not expect it to happen over night.
  • Do all Beagles end up overweight?
    Absolutely not but they do require careful food monitoring and portion control. Beagles are not a free-feeder friendly breed and will need to have their meals careful portioned. An adult Beagle should only be consuming 1 to 1.2 cups of food per day. They will, however, if given te opportunity eat as much as physically possible in one sitting - filling their bellies beyond capacity. So keeping food locked up is in their best interest. With moderate exercise and careful care put into diet and treats, a Beagle can most definitely maintain a health weight - adding years to its life.
  • What are Pocket Beagles?
    Please find more information on Pocket Beagles here
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