Puppy FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between PET QUALITY Beagle and SHOW QUALITY Beagle?

Pet Quality simply means that the dog has faults. These faults are generally cosmetic such as non-scissor bite, unideal markings or colouring, top line not straight enough for showing, etc. These faults will NOT affect the health or temperament of the dog. A pet quality dog is not for breeding and it is required that the dog be spayed or neutered. Pet Quality pups are sold on a Limited CKC Registration. Our pet quality dogs make good companions and often their faults are not detectable to anyone but the most experienced eyes. Show Quality means a Beagle puppy with no disqualifying faults at the time of sale (lined out in more detail in the show puppy contract) and comes with the expectation that the owners will be showing the dog in the confirmation rings in Canada or the USA.

At what age do I spay/neuter my Beagle?

I do recommend that you alter at no earlier than 1 year old and females should go through one full heat cycle first. I am open to discussions with my puppy owners if they feel uncomfortable with this and request a different timeline.

New research from Dr. David Waters DVM, PhD, head of the Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation at Purdue University has proven that dogs spayed or neutered under the age of 1 year of age have a higher risk of cancer.

Do I have to have a fenced yard to be considered for a puppy?

Ideally, a safe enclosed yard/run would be ideal but I'm aware (especially those in larger cities) that this isn't always easy. I will consider homes that do not have fences and/or apartment/condos but it will require discussions on plans put in place to ensure the puppy is exercised and will be given the opportunity to be walked/ran on leash outdoors.

Beagles are not lap dogs. They were not bred to sleep on your lap all day and be content like Chihuahuas, Shih Tzu's and other smaller breeds. If this is what you seek in a dog, you will not be content owning a Beagle who is a busier, eager to go on adventures type of dog.

Can I hunt with my FoxFire Beagle?

I have chosen to put my focus in my breeding program into performance and showline Beagles. Ones that will excell in the show ring and be active competitors in performance sports such as agility, rally, barnhunt, scent detection, track and more. I do not breed hunting line Beagles nor do I actively compete in field trials with my own dogs.

Beagles have the natural instinct to track rabbits but are of the same mindset as their sporting breed cousins. They do not flush game the way a spaniel would, nor would they return game like a Retriever is bred to do. Hounds are independent working dogs who compete against their own pack for the scent of the game (usually rabbit). Hunters run these dogs with GPS collars and selectively pick specimens of the breed to use.

The Beagles I breed do not have any field champions closely in their pedigrees thus I cannot and will not guarantee that they will be able to be competitive in the field. I do know many great field-line Beagle Breeders and would be happy to recommend one of these breeders to you. Please reach out to me if this is what you seek.

What colour of Beagles do you breed?

As it currently stands, I will only be breeding tri-coloured beagles and have no immediate plans to introduce any other colours (such as lemons, reds, chocolates or blues) in to my lines.

Do you breed Pocket Beagles?

Please find my stance on the breeding of pocket beagles here.

What is the cost of a puppy?

Puppies are $3,000* with a $500 deposit (subtracted from the $3,000) once puppies are born to ensure that a spot in that litter is reserved for you.

I do not barter my price of my puppies and those who contact me trying to do so will be added to my Do Not Sell To list. I do not make any profit off my litters as every penny gets put back into my breeding program and the puppies themselves. I have made my pricing as fair as possible without cutting a single corner or sparing any expense to breed Beagles of this quality.

*Please note, the $3000 does NOT include shipping if you are not local and prefer to have the puppy shipped ,to the airport of your choosing. Shipping type and costs can be quoted seperately. Costs of a Foxfire Beagle are subject to change in the future but I will always honour the purchase price at the time the deposit is taken.

What kind of temperament do your Beagles/puppies have?

The most important trait of a dog is it's temperament. I only breed Beagles that have sound temperaments true to their breed standard to ensure that the pups I produce will have outstanding temperaments themselves.

My own dogs are the definition of a "merry little hound". They're friendly, goofy, playful, mischevious personalities with a love for life and their family. Those who are considering a Beagle best come with a good sense of humour as these mischevious hounds require owners that can laugh off the antics they come with.

Excellent with children and other animals (if socialized correctly), they are a joy to have around and have never experiences ANY aggression in my lines whatsoever. They are not like their fieldline/hunting-line cousins and can trained to be quiet. calm(ish) members of the family

What is included with the puppy?

  • CKC Registration (Limited/Full depending on contract agreement)
  • Up to date Vaccinations and medical records with custom Titer schedule for future vaccinations
  • Full Embark DNA Panel
  • 2 Year Health Guarantee for hips, eyes and heart
  • Lifetime guarantee against genetic diseases affecting Beagles (MLS, FVII, PRA)
  • Dew Claws Removed
  • UTD wormings and worming schedule
  • Full Inspection by a Board Certified Veterinarian and proof of such
  • FoxFire Puppy Information Package
  • Assessed by Canine Chiropractor
  • Access to Puppy Information Section - Password Protected
  • Microchipped
  • FoxFire Pedigree Certificate
  • SIX weeks of FREE PetSecure pet health/accident insurance from the time you take possession.
  • Lifetime return guarantee
  • If Local to Thunder Bay - FREE registration for 6 week puppy kindergarten Class
  • Blanket & Toy with moms scent
  • Starter collar and leash

How do you socialize your puppies?

FoxFire puppies are born and raised in my home and are extensively socialized before they leave as well as including ENS (early Neurological Stimulation) exercises and ESI (Early Scent Introduction) into their earlier stages of development. I have chosen to closely follow the Puppy Culture and the Avidog programs which are programs laid out for breeders which gives us the tools and protocols to socialize our puppies safely to new sights, sounds and smells while giving us workbooks to document each puppies progress and move them along at an individual rate.

At 5.5 weeks old the puppies begin off leash adventure walks with me and their mom to imprint the follow response into the puppies. As beagles are notorious for not being the easiest dog to recall consisently, I put extra time and effort into this crucial time in their lives.

Once the puppies are old enough, I begin taking them to my office, parks and safe areas to socialize. There is a crucial period in a puppies life where socialization is extremely important. Unfortunately it falls between 8-16 weeks which is when my puppys have gone to their new homes and it is out of my hands. I do everything in my power to help these puppies before that period but ultimately a lot does fall on the hands of the new owner.

It is my puppy owners responsibility to continue this with their puppy once they are home. The more you introduce to your puppy at a young age the more they will tolerate as an adult and be accustomed to those situations! I cannot stress enough how important socialization is and how it is important to let your puppy have as many pleasant interactions with all kinds of people and animals as possible while they are young. A well socialized puppy makes a well adjusted adult. I am always willing to work with my puppy homes to discuss ideas and plans for them to socialize their puppy safely.

What do you feed your Beagles?

My adult beagles are fed a well balanced raw diet. I do not expect my puppy people to also feed their Beagles raw but should they chose to, I will gladly educate owners on the proper way (portions and brands) to feed their hounds.

My kibble of choice are Pro Plan Purina Focus, Fromm, Acana or GO and have had all my dogs thrive off these brands in the past.

When can I visit?

As long as the puppies are not in an At-Risk period, I'm happy to welcome approved visitors into my home for puppy visits. This can be arranged by reaching out and expressing interest ahead of time so I can't schedule visits accordingly.

If you're interested in visiting my adult dogs and I do not have young puppies at home, simply contact me directly and I'd be happy to welcome you into my home to meet the FoxFire Crew!

Do you health test?

Yes, extensively. All of our dogs are tested/cleared for the following

  • OFA Eye Certified NORMAL
  • OFA Heart Certified NORMAL
  • OFA Hips with passing score
  • Not Affected for genetic diseases such as MLS, Lafora, Factor VII & PRA
  • Full Embark Panel which tests for over 160 diseases
  • OFA Thyroid Panel - Normal

Where are the puppies raised?

For the first two weeks of their lives, the puppies are raised in a quiet nursery in a warm, comfortable bedroom off of my master bedroom. I often spend sleepless nights in the whelping box with mom and want to ensure the puppies are close and kept away from the rest of the busyness.

When the puppies are 3 weeks old and onward, they move down into a room off of my livingroom and kitchen where they get to take in the hustle and bustle of my home as well become socialized to people coming and going, everyday household noises (vacuuming, TV, laundry etc) but are still kept safely secured in an xpen. My house is very interactive and the pups get alot of visual stimulation along with a nice area to run and play and explore.

Can I choose my puppy?

I never sell my Beagle puppies on a "first come first serve" basis. The puppies are carefully monitored and documented during their time spent with me and evaluted by non-biased well respected breeder friends before they go to their new homes. I know my puppies from the moment they were born and will know them better than anyone.

When contacting me or even after a deposit is made, we will have indepth conversations on what exactly you want in a puppy. With this information, I will match a puppy I best see fit for you, your home and what you can offer said puppy.

I want my homes to be excited about their puppy and I'm always willing to explain why a certain puppy was chosen. Please understand that the process is done this way because I want my puppies to fit in their homes so it is forever.

I truly believe matches are better made based on temperament traits rather then the physical traits you see in a picture or video. It is easy to fall in love with the uniquely marked puppy but that doesn't mean it is the best personality choice for you. The puppies do need time to mature and grow and I will let you know which puppy is yours between 6-8 weeks of age but likely never before that period.

Do you ship your puppies?

Yes, I ship both to Canada and the US.

For shipping domestically (Canada), I offer two options. The first being the puppy is shipped via cargo through the airline with the fewest layovers. The cost of this can range from $300-$450 and can be quoted more accurately closer to the pick-up date.

The second option is for myself to fly the puppy in the cabin with me to the airport nearest you. The cost for this ranges from $400-600 but does ensure the puppy is hand delivered, kept warm with minimal stress and having the opportunity to discuss the puppy with me in person.

For shipping to the USA, I prefer to drive my puppies to the nearest airport which is in Minneapolis, MN to ensure a direct flight to their new homes. I do charge gas mileage for this option (as the airport is 6 hours one way from me) and fly the puppy via Delta Cargo. The cost for this can be more accurately quoted but ranges from $350-500

In this FAQ, you will find Q&A's specifically related to my puppies and/or breeding program . If you are looking for more breed specific questions on Beagles in general, please visit my Breed Info FAQ