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Our Puppies


Unlike pet stores and backyard breeders, buying a puppy from an Ethical Breeder can be an unfamiliar process that requires patience. Here is a brief guideline how to get started:

  1. Research. A lot. Learn the pros of the breed but be sure to research the cons and if they are something you are willing to work with.

  2.  Reach Out. You can start by sending me an email about yourself, arranging a phone call or fill out one of my puppy applications.

  3. Be Patient. Families who are interested in not only a Beagle but one of my Beagles should be expected to wait anywhere from 12-24 months as I breed very selectively. Buying a reputable purebred dog is a process and I do require those interested to be approved for my waitlist which will require a phone conversation or two.

  4. Ask Questions. I'm happy to help in any way possible. Whether its something you read online about Beagles that you want more information on or you have questions about my own dogs, please reach out. The more I get to know my potential homes, the more excited I am to place one of my puppies in their care for the puppies lifetime. In the end, I only want what is best for my puppies.

Young Female Beagle Clover



What is included with a Puppy?

  • Lifetime Breeder Support and Advice

  • CKC Registration (limited)

  • Optional AKC Registration at owners cost

  • Dewormed on Week 2,4,6 and 8 using Strongid

  • Custom vaccination schedule through the University of Wisconsin as per the Dam's nomograph results

  • Appropriate set of vaccinations given at time of pup leaving along with a wellness check performed by Veterinarian at 8 weeks

  • Custom DNA & Health Panel  done through Embark

  • Puppies cleared for Lafora (one genetic strain of Epilepsy)

  • Microchipped through CKC

  • 2 Year Health Guarantee 

  • Lifetime Health Guarantee for genetic diseases (MLS, FVII, PRA, Lafora tested in Beagles)

  • 30 days of Free Pet Insurance through Trupanion 

  • Crate Trained starting at 6.5 weeks

  • Toys and blanket with Mom's scent

  • Puppy Slip lead

  • Optional Weekly Phone/Zoom sessions for assistance with training

  • Socialized with people, sights, surfaces, sounds, objects and other animals using our combination of Puppy Culture & Avidog training program 

  • Puppy's place based on APET (Avid Puppy Evaluation Test) results & homes provided with custom training program as per these results.

  • Lifetime take back policy if owner is no longer able to care for the dog at any point for any reason

What is the cost of a Puppy?

The price of a Foxfire Beagle Puppy is $3,000 with a $500 non-refundable holding fee subtracted from the purchase price when the puppy is 2 weeks of age. This price reflects the investment made in the commitment to care and health of all my Beagles. From feeding raw, to regular chiro appointments, show and trial entries, obedience classes to extensively health testing the dogs used in my breed program as well as DNA panels ran on puppies prior to leaving my care, I spare no expense. Every penny goes right back into my breeding program.

Once puppies are born, I reach out to those who I have shortlisted. If you are not ready for a puppy at that time, you will save your spot of priority on my list for a future litter.  Holding fees are non-refundable as I do expect commitment from my homes I have selected. I put a lot of time and care in to raising my puppies and my commitment to them and their owners is for the lifetime of that puppy. It is important to me that my puppy homes feel comfortable with communicating to me about anything and everything regarding their Foxfire Beagle, thus I don't take picking forever homes lightly. It's of huge importance.

My companion/pet puppies are registered on a non-breeding agreement with the Canadian Kennel Club and MUST be spayed or neutered at the age outlined in my contract.

PLEASE NOTE:  The cost is $3000 USD for US Residents and $3000 for Canadian Residents. **Prices are subject to change at anytime; the price at the time deposits are taken will always be honoured**

A Puppy with a Foundation

While a FoxFire puppy may be on the upper-end in initial costs, I hand off my puppies to their new homes with an excellent foundation to socialization and training. As a head-up puppy instructor of 10+ years, my puppies leave my home with all of the core concepts I teach formally in 6 weeks at my training studio. It is still up to my homes to continue working the commands and behaviours taught to their Beagles but I will always offer lifetime support on any issues they may come across. Whether that be in person, phone calls or zoom sessions, my training advice is always free of charge for the entire lifetime of the dog.

Come When Called
The puppies are taught a recall (come when called) as early as 4 weeks and by the time they're 8 weeks can formally come when called to their name. I give homes the tools and tricks to work the recall throughout the lifetime of their dog as it is a life issue with Beagles.

Stay Where I Put You

The beginning stages of this behaviour is taught to me puppies where they are taught to sit and remain in neutral when asked. This is an excellent tool for homes to use especially during puppyhood when they need to put their off switches to work.

Walking on Lead

One of the biggest training challenges is walking puppies on loose lead. Before my puppies leave, they have been taught how to walk on a leash without biting or putting the breaks on. I also provide homes with zoom sessions on how to work through issues with pulling and give them exercises to work through to prevent issues as an adult.

Leave It
It's no lie that Beagles are chow hounds. Because of this, every single puppy is taught a leave it command where they are taught with a variety of objects (including food) that when the command "Leave it" is delivered, the puppy is to disengage from attempting to grab/chase it. This is arguably one of the most useful commands in beagle ownership.

One of my favourite behaviours to teach my puppies is the focus command. They are taught that if they want something whether its their dinner, treats or affection to calmly sit at my feet and remain calm while giving eye contact. This is an excellent tool for homes to use in situations where they need to calm down their dog or they simply want their attention on them and not on a tempting distraction (ie: squirrel or reactive dog etc)

Sit, Down & Stand
These three commands are also taught to each individually puppy separately as well as paired together in what I like to call a "Puppy Push up". The puppies know the individual commands which is very useful for vet visits & manners.

Potty Training

My puppies leave my home litter trained in pellets and shavings. They also have the framework for the concept of potty outdoors and begin to ask at the door. While a change of environment does change things, they grasp the concept quite efficiently especially being raised in a very clean environment.

Health Testing

I firmly believe in setting my puppies up with the best possible success in their futures. Because of this, I ensure to extensively health test my Beagles and carefully select Sire's paying in mind of their own health test results and ensure the pairings I have are clear of serious genetic diseases that can affect Beagles. 

Our Beagles are tested/cleared in the following:

  • OFA Hips Xray

  • OFA Heart

  • Full Embark DNA Panel & tested for 160 Genetic Diseases

  • All non-affected in MLS, PRA and Factor VII

  • OFA Eyes 

  • Full Thyroid Panel

  • Lafora Genetic Test (hereditary, myoclonic epilepsy)



With my breeding program, I use both the Puppy Culture Program and the Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing Program when rearing and training my young beagle puppies beginning right at birth. Throughout the Neonatal Stage, Transitional Stage and onward to the Sensitive Period, I have practices put in place to help with early brain development that help shape my puppies into well balanced adult dogs who handle stress better as adults as well have great trainability factors. Not only do these programs set the puppies up with the best advantage to be well socialized family pets, it is also an excellent foundation for those looking for a Beagle to be competitive in the performance and/or conformation ring.


To learn more about how I put these protocols in place, click here.


The Responsible Breeder vs. The Backyard Breeder

The hardest thing I had to learn when seeking a well-bred Purebred dog was patience. I cannot stress how important it is to give yourself time to find not only the right puppy, but the right breeder for you. You need to be expected to wait for a quality dog anywhere from 1 to 3 years from a reptuable breeder.

And trust me, I get it. The Kijiji ad that says "Purebred Beagle Puppies Available!" can be awfully tempting and an easy decision to make given you will be able to skip the long wait period. But, be aware that with  can often come heart break and unpredictable expenses in many other forms. As a preservation breeder, I do not make money on my litters. All the money from my litters goes directly back into my dogs whether it be stud fees, further health testing, entry/trial fees or just simple breeding costs. I do not breed for profit but I do price my dogs so I can continue to provide all the health testing and proper raising protocols. 

What a responsible breeder can guarantee is that they have done everything possible to provide you with the healthiest puppy they can which has been genetically health tested to ensure as such. Back yard breeders simply do not do this. Why? Because it costs money and unlike Responsible Breeders, they are out to make a profit on their puppies.

As far as Beagles go, new owners need to be aware of the difference of hunting line beagles vs well-bred performance/show line Beagles. In my experience, hunting lines are more of a challenge for your average home. They are significantly louder and more destructive in the home. Backyard bred beagles that often appear on sites like kijiji or craigslist are typically listed at a lower cost because they are not registered with the Canadian Kennel Club nor are they health tested. If you truly love the breed from its temperament to it's look, I would highly recommend avoiding an irresponsibly bred Beagle.

byb Beagle

BYB Beagle Puppy

Above pictured is a  Backyard Bred Beagle Puppy. Although cheaper in price, it is not your typical tri-coloured hound type and will not grow up with a sweet, plushy expression as a beagle should have. It has not been health tested and has VERY poor structure which could lead to injuries when it matures in to an adult. 


Well-Bred Beagle Puppy

Above pictured is a Well-bred,purebred, health tested beagle puppy that is beautiful in type, expression, temperment and structure. This puppy was bred with purpose and care and although more expensive that the above puppy, the quality speaks for itself.

Resist the Greed; Don’t Support Backyard Breeders.

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