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Beagle Health


While these merry hounds are typically one of the healthier breeds out there with longer than average life spans, they are prone to some health problems that both breeders and owners need to be aware of. A simple vet check will not cut it as a form of health testing as many health risks to beagles are genetic. 

Because of this, it is of great most importance that Beagle Breeders are extensively testing their dogs in order to best avoid these health problems as best as possible.

All of our dogs that may or are currently being bred at FoxFire have their heart, eyes, hips clearances, thyroid checked as well as a full Embark panel done to check for any potential genetic diseases.
We DO NOT breed affected dogs.

Below are a list of the health concerns that may arise in beagles as well with links to learn more about each area.

Health Problems

Factor VII deficiency in beagles is known to cause a mild bleeding disorder

Factor VII



Mutation preventing normal formation of the skin and affecting the dog's appearance and gait. 

Syndrome (MLS



Insufficient blood levels of thyroid hormone causing non-specific multisystem signs of thyroid dysfunction. 



Lafora disease is a recessive genetic trait inherited late onset progressive myoclonic epilepsy.

Lafora Epilepsy


Health Problems

An abnormal formation of the hipsocket that, in its more severe form, can cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis

Hip Dysplasia


An eye disorder causing a build-up of pressure in the eye and characterized by its onset without any other ocular cause


Open Glaucoma


The Value of Health Testing

All dogs whether it be purebred or mixed breeds are at risk for genetic diseases. You may be aware of the common myth that mixed breeds/mutts are healthier than purebreds and that is simply not true. The difference is, everything is unknown with a mutt (parents health, their genetic make up etc) - thus ignorance is bliss in that case.

When you make the decision to buy a well bred puppy you are not only paying for the predictability of the breed chosen but a well as genetic health tested pup who's parents were health tested BEFORE carefully selected to breed in order to best prevent any predictable genetic diseases from ever occuring. 


A health tested puppy is not the equivalent as a puppy that has been checked by a vet. In our case, each parent has had their hips x-rayed and cleared by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), hearts checked and OFA's by a certified cardiology and eye certification clearance also by OFA. Each one of those tests costs double (and more!) what a single vet check would cost. Be sure to spot the difference when puppies are advertised and vet checked vs health tested with a written guarantee.

Newborn Puppy

The Benefits:

  • 2 Year Written Health Guarantee

  • Cleared for Genetic Diseases in Beagles

  • Beagled selected for breeding have OFA cleared heart, hips and eyes

  • Should genetic disease arise (hereditary) cost of puppy will be refunded without the Puppy having to be returned

  • Lifetime Breeder Support should any issues arise 

  • Screened for over 170 Genetic Diseases

  • DNA Tested for MLS and Factor VII

  • Dam has all tests and has her CHIC number

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