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Bred By Foxfire

Located below are some of the Beagles that I am very proud to say were bred by Foxfire and have continued on to their new homes with bright future's ahead!


Foxfire's Ready for Takeoff

Loved by: Aglae & Michael
Located: Quebec
DOB: April 27, 2020

Edwin, also known as "Red Boy" from the Spring 2020 litter is fiery fella chopped full on personality. He spends his time on the many adventures his owners take him on from beach camping to flying in airplanes!

Skipper & Goose

Foxfire's Oh Captain My Captain

Foxfire & Telford's An Apple a Day

Loved by: Ashley & Simon
Located: Calgary
DOB: April 27, 2020

Skipper (Orange Boy) and Goose (Yellow Boy) from our Spring 2020 litter are two brothers who now reside together in their loving home. Skipper with his boisterious, funny nature and Goose with this sensitive sweet side are the perfect duo and I love watch their adventures together!


Foxfire's Up, Up & Away

Loved by: Jamie & Jason
Located: Georgetown
DOB: April 27, 2020

Piper, also known as "Pink Girl" from our Spring 2020 Litter is a feisty, free spirited gal with a lust for life. She spends her days enjoying her family walks and being sure to chase off any squirrels with her brother Cooper.