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The Housemates

I would not be the breeder I am without a little bit of extra help. With some of the best, most patient housemates around - my Beagles are socialized and raised along side 4 cats, a sweet Newfoundland and many dog visitors. There is literally never a dull moment in the FoxFire household .

Newf and Beagle
Newf and Beagle
Newf and Beagle

The oldest canine member of the FoxFire household, Sully, has helped me raise many puppies (Beagles and Newfs).


He has a calm, patient but fair disposition which has done wonders teaching the puppies boundaries and respect while being an extremely gentle dog. That and he makes an excellent warm seat for the Beagles who refuse to sit in the snow!


The Felines

Clover and Juno


Clover's best friend, Juno is patient, incredibly tolerant and sweet to all dogs and is a wonderful tool in socializing puppies with cats .



Juno's sister Fru is another one of our animals who is patient and kind with the dogs and can often be found playing with them & their toys.

Finn and Toulouse

T is a flamepoint ragdoll who's undying love goes to the giant dogs in the house!


Twitch and Catcher


Twitch was a stray kitten who has fit himself into a household of Beagles and has made friends with each hound.

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