MBPIS FoxFire's Forget Me Not

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Blossom, bred by FoxFire, is our pick puppy from the 2021 Spring Litter between Clover & Catcher.

While sweet and people orientated, she is quite different then her sister ILY. Blossom has the tenacity and attitude that grabs your eye when she struts around the ring. She definitely loves to be the center of attention and We often joke how this little girl made her own decision to stay with us. She takes on life without fear and absolutely adores to show and perform. From obedience classes to the show ring, her lust for life is contagious.

In the 2021 show season, in the only shows she was entered in, Blossom was awarded two Best Baby Puppy's in Show. 

Health Clearances:

  • Lafora Epilepsy - Cleared by Parentage

  • Factor VII Carrier/Non-Affected

  • PRA Carrier / Non-Affected

  • MLS Negative/Non-Affected

  • Embark Tested & Clear of 170 genetic diseases

  • OFA Hips - To be done in 2023

  • Heart - To be done in 2023

  • Eyes - To be done in 2022

  • Thyroid - To be done in 2023

bLOSSOM pedigree.jpg